Established in 1999 as MAS BAMBU (MB), and the first from Indonesia as affiliate of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR). MB was initiated and developing by Mr. Mahli Sembiring, a holder of Indonesian Certified Public Accountant, Master in Business Administration and Policy from University of Indonesia, Entrepreneurs Trainer and Lecturer for Business Courses. MB born as responses for Indonesian crafters needs for “working in group” for their continuous entities as individual creator. In 2008, legally corporate establishing under PT Karo Mitra Kalimantan, facilitating partnership between “the poor’s Indonesian living around rattan and bamboo” with Business and the Local Government as last source for “communities needs”.  

MB become INDOBAR working with farmers, rattan and wood also all weaving materials like bananas, pineapples, sea grass, eceng gondok collectors around Indonesia, factory processors, designers, transportations, also assemblers and sellers. We start from Papua Island lining to Kalimantan Island and Sumatera Island, coordinated from Java Island. Papua, Kalimantan and Sumatera islands supply all material, both raw and processed materials. Java Island, located at Cirebon, central crafters, wickers and weavers make assembly and final change. Jakarta office managed all the rest, from planning to reward all stakeholders. Jakarta operation provides business solution that includes designs, sourcing as well as manufacturing high quality INDOBAR products. Jakarta operations also built up a wide network of specialist outworkers in each of the areas where the skills of the artisans then matched to the varieties of natural raw materials readily available in their region. Jakarta operations just starting 2008 “Betawi Projects” to facilitate and train “Betawi People” to become “workpreneur” based on supply of rattan and other raw materials from other part of Indonesia.

Our head office is located at Kav 22 & 53 Graha Arteri Mas, Jalan Panjang Kedoya Jakarta, known as headquarter for United of entrePreneurs, Professionals and Executives (PPE) dedicating and passionate for “human welfare”.

There are many different types of handcrafted products available throughout Indonesia. To absorb these treasures, the company supported by its associates units. These units are independent, located in the particular regions where the products made. Each different region produces unique products and styles, which cannot found elsewhere. Besides local supports, the company supported internationally. Showrooms plan for our products are located in Jakarta, Cirebon and Bali to help accommodate all the buyers. Our company works closely with all the sources of its handcrafted products from all over Indonesia including our manufacturing facility in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan to produce “core and reed” and Amuntai which produces a wide variety of specialist mat ‘lampit’ rattan products. In Papua Island we work from Timika and Jayapura. In Sumatera Island we start from Medan through Pekanbaru, Bengkulu and Lampung. Soonest our associates form working base at Sulawesi Island.


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