The Interesting of Rattan


There is nothing like the natural interesting of fine rattan products. For centuries, this distinct style of rattan products has held a place of honors in homes, hotels and restaurants, favored by many of the top interior designers for its enduring character and eclectic design.


We are committed to the highest quality construction possible for all rattan products designs. Our rattan products are making to last for generations. All joints then screwed, glued and then leather wrapped for extra durability against everyday wear and tear.


Our in-house and outsourcing designers have created a unique selection of    transitional looks. We introduce new designs and finishes regularly, adding these to our established line of popular and timeless rattan products and accent pieces.


From design and manufacturing to assembly and warehousing, INDOBAR has formulated a quality-controlled system of producing exceptional rattan products with excellent delivery lead times.


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