The Last Rattan Condition

The beauty of rattan is not long available to enjoy. Palm plantations and palm oil industries come to cut and destroy the rattan habitant. After illegal loggers change Indonesia jungle forest to small trees collections, the land of Sumatera, Kalimantan and soonest Papua will become “lagoon” leaving by miners’ activities, the rest are palm plantations. The people living at the islands, before the “greed’s” rob all the natural richness, still live at poor. They just watching their belonging go to outsiders. And, when they aware what has happen, the cost to recovery they land more expensive than all taxes and retributions collected by local and central government.


INDOBAR come to revive the rattan and wood kingdom, reforestation. We are in processing to have license and permit to start rattan forest and conservations 3000 to 30000 Has at Barito River Basin. This project will involve and support thousands of people living from rattan and wood products. In partnering with international institutions and activists, we actively advocate to back to nature, back to forest and back to green. We promote local people to occupy their land and to do conservatory with their treasures that has granted by The Almighty One. INDOBAR stimuli their will to actively make best effort and manage all theirs belongs. INDOBAR equipped these people and impartations with the technology touch. Let they enjoy their land and prepare for our lung health, for clean world environment. We do plant more rattans and trees for future. We ask you together with us: yes, together we can. Which one of products you buy from INDOBAR will goes directly 10% to reforestation at central of Borneo, heart of Kalimantan Island as world’s lung heritage to finance maintenance and protections expenses. Will you joint with us? Or do you want more information about our Partnership? Tell us at


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