The History of Wicker.

Using wicker and cane is a genuinely ancient craft; items such as naturally woven chests were crafted some 2,000 years BC. Slightly more recently Moses, as a baby was placed in a woven basket and new born babies still use Moses baskets today.

Rattan and cane are the chief source deriving from wickerwork, wicker meaning ‘small, pliant twig’- deriving from the Swedish word ‘wika’.

Wicker, cane and rattan products have been in and out of fashion for centuries, and although associated generally with conservatory rattan products it is currently enjoying a trend for being in vogue again, particularly for the conservatory and as dining room rattan products. Rattan has a unique beauty when seen in a completed item. Traditional skills are still used and these combined with the natural elements, produce uniquely crafted rattan products items.

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